Remote Controls

Transmitter TP-FREE-T 868 NEW
Hands-free system for vehicles and people. When entering with the transmitter TP-FREE-T in the area of action of the trigger antenna, this is activated by sending a signal via radio that can reach 100 meters in open space.
Proximity Key LLP
Key that passing it to a maximum of 10 cm. of the proximity reader, it gives us a signal of opening, closing, etc.
One chanel remote control DYNAMIC-CODE
Include an adhesive wall mount or vehicle dashboard and ring key.
Mando FORSA RT-2 433Mhz Original
Mando de garaje original FORSA RT-2 EUROCODE 433Mhz DYNAMIC-CODE de 2 canales con 72.000 billones de combinaciones posibles. Alcance de 100 metros. Incluye soporte con adhesivo para pared o salpicadero del vehículo y anilla para llavero. ESTE MANDO PUEDE LLEVAR CÓDIGO DE INSTALADOR